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Coroprate Identity


Brand Identity(SSB)


2016. 09. Established DE:PROJECT 

 2017. 02. Launch DE:BULL 

 2017. 04. Start selling at Multi-Shop in Cheongdam-dong, major department stores in major cities, and shopping malls 

 2017. 05. Start selling at Korea's top luxury boutique BOON THE HOP 

 2017. 07. Korea’s biggest motor show, Seoul Auto Salong 

 2017. 12. First export to Dubai and arab world Export to middle enterprise business in Canada 

 2018. 05. Explosive response after being introduced to Vietnam (a formal contract with Camelia distra Co.Ltd) 

2018. 06.  Korea’s biggest motor show, Busan International MOTOR SHOW 2018

 2018. 12. Enter the Australia market 

 2019. 07. Launch DE:STAMP 

 2019. 12. Launch DE:BUNNY 

 2020. 04. Sponsorship with CJ Super Race Purple Motor 

 2020. 07. IQOS x deproject collaboration 

 2021. 01. Launch DE:BULLET Ring 

 2021. 02. Supply products to SK Telecom 

 2021. 04. Start Selling at one of the biggest online shopping malls in Japan RAKUTEN 

 2021. 04. Launch DE:DERILLAGO

2021. 10.  Export to China(APOUS)

2022. 05. Launch DE:COKIO

Daily Specialty

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